An Adventure in Nightland, excerpts

Written and illustrated by Joseph Mariano

Originals are not for sale.

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Music was coming from the radio in Michel's livingroom.





       Michael was resting after a long day of play and wondering how all this music was coming from such a small           radio, when he heard his mother call, "Michael .  .  . time for bed."





Michael had to go to bed .  .  . but he did not have to go to sleep!





   "Now I can go to Nightland!" he whispered, as his eyes danced about in the moonlight and down the hallway at     the little red nightlight above the livingroom piano far away  .  .  .





 .  .  . beyond the mountains of his feet under the blankets .  .  .





 .  .  .  beyond the sea of his bed .  .  .





  .  .  .  where the nightlight turned into a bright red star in the Nightland sky.





And Nightland was alive with play!





 But tonight Michael did not feel like playing.



 On a whim he strolled across Nightland Square and entered into the Nightland Library.





 He found a book with a map where he saw a land that was not explored.





"I'm going to find this land!" he cried, and he ran to his sailboat and sailed out of Nightland Harbor.





He sailed beyond the moon, deep into the Nightland Sea.





 Michael had never sailed this far before.  All he could see was a vast dark sea .  .  .





 .  .  .  and the red star.  He steered straight to the red star and sailed and sailed and sailed.





Then!  Ahead on the horizon!  He saw what looked like two mountains!





Michael entered into a whole new world!





He waded onto a beach, beneath some unusual looking cliffs, and he made a plan to climb one of the cliffs.





He began climbing one of the cliffs.  But, when he neared the top the cliff began to fall!  Then it bumped to a stop and a giant piano sound played into the night!





 Michael scrambled to the top, and saw that he was standing on a giant piano!  And looming behind him .  .  .





.  .  .  was a GIANT!  "Go away! Get out of here!" his tiny voice cried, as he ran from key to key.





Ahead were some people going through a doorway - a place to hide!





Michael ran through and swung the door shut!  Inside was a room filled with wires and things.





He ran into a big room and sat, alone with his thoughts.





 Suddenly, a bright beam of light came flashing down, onto a man playing his saxophone.





A stage lit up and a great big band began to play!





  Michael danced out into the night, filled with joy.  And he danced with the giant through the rest of the night.





 The night began to go away.  It was time to sail home.





Michael looked back and saw his friend dancing on his piano.





It was a good night.  Ahead .  .  .





  .  .  .  is a new day.